Support Groups:

CUTIC recommends the following websites and support groups as being informative and helpful. (highly recommended for day-to-day management of this condition) (UK charity offering support and medical advice through their membership service) (excellent information of management of this condition and research.  Interviews with specialists and medical professionals)  (excellent and informative website with specific information for sufferers in Australia)


Facebook support groups: (support group for women only) (support group for men and women) (support group for UTIs in children) (CUTIC’s public Facebook page)


Useful Twitter links:




Cystitis Unmasked

Professor James Malone-Lee’s Cystitis Unmasked was published by TFM Publishing Ltd in February 2021.  Sadly, since that time, the Professor has passed away but his legacy and work continue.

Cystitis Unmasked discusses the way urinary tract infections are diagnosed and treated.

The book is aimed at clinicians and sets out a practical approach to understand, diagnose and successfully treat chronic or recurrent urinary tract infections. Patients will also find it highly informative and may wish to show it to their doctor.

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