Chronic Lower Urinary Tract symptoms are estimated to affect over 1.5 million people in the UK, mostly women but men and children too. Standard tests and treatment are often inaccurate and ineffective and see many thousands of sufferers misdiagnosed or even dismissed as ‘problem patients’.

Our press pack explains the problems with standard testing and treatment and lists the latest research on chronic UTI.

CUTIC media pack (opens as PDF)

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Read all the latest research on chronic urinary tract infections.

Hear from people affected by chronic UTI

"I was told that I had interstitial cystitis and that all they could do was manage my symptoms. This procedure made my condition far, far worse than I was able to cope with. In time, I lost my identity, my job and all of my confidence."

Kirstin, who works in the music industry, was admitted to hospital 24 times with UTIRead more stories

"A year later I asked for her to be referred to a paediatrician as the infections were continuing but nothing was resolved. A consultant told me 'she is just one of those children that get infections'."

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“I had not experienced any particular bladder problems until the onset of this bladder condition three and a half years ago. Several urine tests taken in the GP surgery and samples sent to the laboratory came back as clear apart from three tests that registered as ‘mixed growth’ and were interpreted as contamination. I was...

Anne, 62, is a retired senior arts lecturer – her UTI pain was dismissed as a post-menopausal problemRead more stories