Add your voice to Government consultation on Women’s Health Strategy

People in crowd with hands in airToday on International Women’s Day the UK Government have launched a consultation on a new Women’s Health Strategy.

The Government want to hear from you about your experiences of the health care system. The consultation will inform recommendations to help create more equal access to treatment.

There is urgent need for change.

  • 1 in 3 women will experience a UTI in their lifetime.
  • But there are no guidelines for recurrent or persistent cystitis.

Our own surveys have shown 88% of you had to return to the GP when your infection didn’t go away or came back within a month.

Sufferers have had their symptoms dismissed by their GP or urologist on the basis of tests that are seriously flawed and miss infections.

We know many of you have been questioned about your emotional and mental well being. Not believed and marginalised. Please share the issues you have faced.

Add your voice to the survey part of the consultation

What’s missing from the survey….

The survey asks which women’s health topics should be covered in the new strategy. There is no box to tick for UTI. We feel this is a huge omission. But there are comment boxes where you can highlight this.

There’s also space where you can share some of your experiences of getting the correct diagnosis and treatment, and what more research and educational information could be developed for persistent UTI.

We have shared several surveys and consultations over the past months. We know they can be time and emotion consuming. But if you can, this is a key opportunity to place your experiences at the heart of a new national health strategy.

Anyone over the age of 16 who lives in England can complete the survey that forms part of the consultation.