Bridget, 55, had UTIs throughout adulthood but five years ago, although her bladder pain got worse, her tests started coming back negative.

“During my life I have had urine infections but a change took place from 2003 when I had a particularly bad urine infection. I had further infections treated with short courses of antibiotics by my GPs over the years. During 2010 the pain got worse but no bacteria were grown from urine tests even though......Read more +

Anne, 62, is a retired senior arts lecturer – her UTI pain was dismissed as a post-menopausal problem

“I had not experienced any particular bladder problems until the onset of this bladder condition three and a half years ago. Several urine tests taken in the GP surgery and samples sent to the laboratory came back as clear apart from three tests that registered as ‘mixed growth’ and were interpreted as contamination. I was......Read more +

Diana had to give up her work as a teacher and actor due to severe bladder pain

"After another short course of antibiotics, I had no relief from the agonising pain I was in. I visited another GP, who said there was no infection now showing and I should see a urologist. I was left in excruciating pain with no explanations at all."...Read more +