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Patient stories

Men, women and children get UTIs. Sufferers of chronic UTI share their stories

Jonathan, works in the technology industry, urologists told him his symptoms might be due to stress

“My symptoms first began when I was 14 years old and were frequent painful urination and urgency. The doctor did a dipstick test and said there was nothing showing up and so it was impossible for me to have a urine infection. She referred me to an STI clinic where I was told there was nothing wrong.

Things continued for years in this strain until at the age of 28 they took a sudden turn for the worse. I woke up one day with ultra-painful urination when I went to the toilet and found that little came out and before getting back to bed I felt the need to go again. I had extreme pain in the bladder and felt totally debilitated.

I went to hospital, expecting this time a urine infection would show for sure but was told there was nothing and a brief listen to my history led them to mention interstitial cystitis. I was referred to a urologist who said maybe I was worrying too much. He asked if I was an easily stressed person. I replied that as an ex-rugby player and amateur boxer who had done an extremely stressful job I was known for coping extremely well with stress.

I came to the LUTS clinic a broken man, urinating 15 times during the day even with restricting my fluid intake and often nine times a night. The bladder pain was so bad I could get no enjoyment from life at all. After an initial flare-up in symptoms when starting treatment I went on a surge of improvement and never looked back. Three years later I have my life back, can work under pressure again, enjoy days out at the weekend and am eternally grateful to the clinic.”