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Patient stories

Men, women and children get UTIs. Sufferers of chronic UTI share their stories

Fiona became ill just weeks into a new job

“My UTI started when I had just started my first job after university. I had been told to “not to take time off unless you’re dying” so when I got ill it took me about a week to get an out-of-hours GP appointment. I feel this might have allowed the infection to embed and become chronic. I was throwing up at work from the agony and eventually had to quit.

I’ve now had a chronic UTI for a year and a half. I had two cystoscopies, one with biopsy and one with urethral dilation. They did not help and the doctors just said I was inflamed down there for no reason. I was in a lot of pain. Eventually I found out about the LUTS Clinic and went as a private patient.

I’ve been on antibiotics for five or six months now. I’m feeling much better. I can have chocolate, alcohol and sex now!! I thought I would be in pain for ever and I’m so grateful to have my life back.”