Pen, an animal behaviour psychologist was told she was just quite anxious

“I got ill six years ago. I knew the symptoms of cystitis. I’d had bladder infections before so I went to the chemist to buy the over-the-counter remedies that had cleared it up in the past. But four days later things were worse. I was sitting in the kitchen and I started feeling very ill......Read more +

Rebecca was 23 when she developed a chronic UTI

“I had a UTI aged 15 which went away in one day with antibiotics. I never gave it a second thought but then ten months ago I got another. My GP prescribed three days of antibiotics and I felt better but on day four my symptoms came back. I was in the worst agony of......Read more +

Fiona became ill just weeks into a new job

“My UTI started when I had just started my first job after university. I had been told to “not to take time off unless you’re dying” so when I got ill it took me about a week to get an out-of-hours GP appointment. I feel this might have allowed the infection to embed and become......Read more +

Lara had simple UTIs before but when she got ill five years ago something felt different

“My illness started pretty much out of the blue. I was 25 and working in customer service for a cinema chain. I had had UTIs in the past which cleared up relatively easy. I started with the familiar symptoms, however I knew something was different this time. I had a cystoscopy and hydrodistension which didn’t......Read more +

Kirstin, who works in the music industry, was admitted to hospital 24 times with UTI

"I was told that I had interstitial cystitis and that all they could do was manage my symptoms. This procedure made my condition far, far worse than I was able to cope with. In time, I lost my identity, my job and all of my confidence."...Read more +

Jonathan, works in the technology industry, urologists told him his symptoms might be due to stress

"My symptoms first began when I was 14 years old and were frequent painful urination and urgency. The doctor did a dipstick test and said there was nothing showing up and so it was impossible for me to have a urine infection."...Read more +

Lily suffered her first UTI at the age of two

"A year later I asked for her to be referred to a paediatrician as the infections were continuing but nothing was resolved. A consultant told me 'she is just one of those children that get infections'."...Read more +

Alice’s infection started at the age of three after a family swimming trip

"If Alice had received the appropriate diagnosis and treatment at the very beginning she would have not have had to endure the pain and suffering she subsequently experienced. She was let down by both the dipsticks and urine cultures which missed her infections."...Read more +

Dan, works in web development, his UTI started out of the blue at university

"This treatment, as clichéd as it sounds, has given me my life back. Having to plan trips and paths around toilet locations is incredibly draining, especially for somebody deemed to be in the prime of life."...Read more +

Gemma, an animal welfare worker and carer, has suffered repeated UTIs from childhood

"I developed a chronic UTI as a result of recurrent childhood urinary infections which were repeatedly misdiagnosed and left untreated, resulting in severe bladder and kidney symptoms which left me with a diagnosis of interstitial cystitis."...Read more +