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Cystitis Unmasked James Malone-Lee

A new book written by Professor James Malone-Lee, Emeritus Professor of Medicine at University College London and a pioneer in this field is published on 1st February.

Cystitis Unmasked exposes the now outdated but still widely-held clinical assumptions about urinary tract infections. Brought to life with patient stories, it explains the ever-growing body of new research from across the world that is starting to transformed how we understand UTIs.

The book is aimed at clinicians and sets out a practical approach to understand, diagnose and successfully treat chronic or recurrent urinary tract infections. This is the book we’ve been waiting for.

Help us prime practitioners so they know how to diagnose and treat UTIs successfully

This book could make a real difference to the way urinary tract infections are diagnosed and treated. Help us inform GPs, urology specialists and urology nurses. If you can afford to, please consider buying one for your doctor. The average GP has over 2000 patients, together we can potentially help hundreds of thousands of people.

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Help us prime practitioners so they know how to diagnose and treat UTIs successfully. Together we could change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.